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Welcome to audio pro NZ  -  This web site is dedicated to audiophiles and potential customers, who are interested in audio pro advanced hi-fi solutions and located mostly in Oceania.

All the prices are in NZ$ and include 15% GST. Goods for export are exempt from GST and, in that case, the prices shown must be recalculated, in order to exclude GST.

Free shipping applies for NZ orders only.  For delivery overseas, we will organise a shipping quote for you. Complete technical-specifications for the wireless products are available here.


NOTE: if you are interested in audio pro’s wired speakers and ACE-bass patented active subs, we are happy to report that we have plenty of stock available. We are able to offer you excellent prices on these great products, so please contact us for a quote.

To find images and specifications of these items, click here and, opening the white window in the Find document black line, scroll-down until you find the desired equipment.

Our company is also the proud manufacturer of the high-end Sachem electronics. For comprehensive information about audio pro and Sachem, please visit www.viganoni.com


audio pro - Short history

Since 1978, audio pro have built loudspeakers and sub-woofers with one ambition: to give you the best sound at the best price. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy high sound-quality at home.

We are proud to point out that audio pro, unlike other "noble" brands, put many milestones in the hi-fi history and the most important ones are the patented ACE-bass and ACE-plus technologies.
You may be also interested to know, that in 1978 audio pro produced the first active (ACE-bass patented) sub-woofer in the world - the legendary B2-50 - which, after 36 years of service, is still delighting the ears of thousands of audiophiles around the world!  Amazingly, in spite of its longevity, the B2-50, thanks to its ACE-bass technology, still sets standards that other sub-woofer manufacturers try in vain to match, even nowadays!
Then, in 1979, audio pro developed the A4-14, the very first speakers with a built- in sub-woofer (ACE-bass patented). The active A4-14 were the first genuinely full-range speakers in the world and, like the B2-50, after thirty-six years, the best modern speakers find it very difficult to beat them.

Today, you will find audio pro in over thirty countries on four continents and if you ask the owner of an audio pro system what sets us apart from other speaker manufacturers, you will probably get a range of answers. Many speak of the magically pure bass, or what good sound quality they got for their investment, or in more ephemeral terms: "it just sounds so good... you can feel it"!  It’s always hard to describe a listening experience in words: there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, but each of the marvellously complex mechanisms that are your ears contains 20,000-30,000 sensors that transmit the nuances of the sound image to your brain. So, to judge the sound, use them, not your eyes or, even worse, the ears of the reviewers of hi-fi magazines!          Just listen ...